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At eCasa Studio, we specialise in smart homes tailored for the stylish and tech-savvy individuals in Singapore. Our company's namesake embodies our goal, where 'e' symbolises the electronic network and 'casa' signifies home in Spanish.

This fusion represents our mission to seamlessly integrate technology and interior design, resulting in intelligent, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing smart home systems in Singapore.

Explore our advanced smart home system that brings the future of home automation to your doorstep.

Experience the utmost convenience and innovation with our customised smart home solutions, designed to meet the modern living standards of households in Singapore.

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With immense creativity, craftsmanship, and dedication, we curated every space uniquely to fit our client’s desired interior design

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Modern Luxury Design in Singapore

Modern luxurious interior design is a sought-after BTO design. With an exquisite blend of sleek modern aesthetics and timeless sophistication, it creates an appealing, comfortable, and functional space.

Key Features of Modern Luxury Interior Design

This popular modern home and HDB interior design focuses on these crucial elements:

  • Smart Home Integration. Integrating a smart home system into your living space adds a sense of modernity to it. Think of voice-activated and remote-controlled lighting, temperature, and security systems; they are all essential elements that complete a modern home.

  • Neutral Colour Palette. A neutral colour palette is a staple backdrop for modern, luxurious interior styles. These subtle shades of white, grey, and beige form a relaxing and timeless vibe, allowing other design components to stand out.

  • Clean, Straight Lines. Modern luxury design embraces a minimalist approach, and clean lines can bring out a sleek, minimalistic look in every space that complements the fixtures and other design elements of a curated space.

The Art of Smart Home Integration

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually turning your lights on and off or opening your curtains. You can also stop worrying about your home security because eCasa Studio provides smart home integration by transforming your property into a functional smart home in Singapore.

eCasa Studio brings you an amazing blend of style and innovation that enhances the functionality and aesthetics of your beloved abode.

Best-Selling Products

Simplify your daily routines and transform your space into a smart home in Singapore. Our premium smart devices bring the concept of a connected space, providing enhanced automation and convenience.

Browse our top-rated products that embody innovation and efficiency and incorporate them in your commercial interior design.

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Modern Luxurious Design Concept by eCasa Studio

Bring your modern luxurious design ideas to life with eCasa Studio. Our team of experienced designers will expertly curate your space to elevate its aesthetics and functionality.

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Exceptional Interior Design Experience with Louis Zhang We recently undertook the exciting journey of transforming our new home, and after engaging with multiple Interior Designers, we are delighted to share our exceptional experience with Louis Zhang. Here are the key reasons why Louis stood out as our ID of choice: 1. Innovative Design Approach: Louis impressed us with his hands-on design approach and exceptional idea generation. His ability to understand our preferences and communicate effectively made the decision-making process seamless. We found ourselves in sync with his creative vision for our home. 2. Transparent Costing: One of the aspects that set Louis apart was his commitment to transparent costing. During our upfront conversations at Ecasa’s office, he laid out all costs without any hidden surprises. This transparency eliminated the stress associated with unforeseen expenses and allowed us to make informed decisions. 3. Budget Flexibility: Despite initially receiving a quotation that doubled our budget, Louis demonstrated a genuine willingness to prioritize our needs and theme preferences. He worked collaboratively to find common ground, ensuring a balance between our vision and financial constraints. 4. No Hard Sell Approach: Louis's approach was refreshing as he avoided the hard sell tactics employed by some other vendors. He welcomed our design ideas, providing honest feedback on their suitability without pressuring us into immediate commitments. This genuine and patient demeanor set him apart in the competitive market. 5. Exceptional Design Skills: Louis's prior experience as a young learner in school as an ID was evident in his exceptional design skills. Unlike many other IDs we encountered, he could draw and render 3Ds on the spot, allowing for real-time design articulation and changes. This proved to be a significant advantage, streamlining the decision-making process. 6. Proactive Problem Solving: Throughout the project, Louis maintained a positive and proactive approach to problem-solving. Despite inevitable delays and challenges, he took responsibility for immediate actions and found creative solutions. His commitment to accelerating processes and rectifying issues demonstrated a high level of professionalism. 7. Personalized Timeline Planning: Louis provided us with a comprehensive overview plan, detailing the timeline of works and coordination. While some deviations occurred due to external factors like item delivery delays and scheduling issues, Louis remained readily available, taking responsibility and ensuring prompt resolution. 8. Going Above and Beyond: We greatly appreciate Louis's dedication to going above and beyond. From self-purchasing missing items to leveraging his contacts for expedited works, he consistently demonstrated a commitment to delivering the best results. His positive attitude and proactive efforts were especially evident in unforeseen challenges, such as reconstruction of the TV console wiring holes. In conclusion, engaging Louis Zhang as our Interior Designer was a decision we're grateful for. His sincerity, proactive approach, and commitment to excellence made the entire process enjoyable and resulted in a home that exceeded our expectations. While perfection may be elusive, Louis's proactive and responsible nature make him an outstanding choice for anyone seeking a dedicated and talented Interior Designer. We wholeheartedly recommend Louis Zhang for an exceptional design journey.
Hao Li
Hao Li
Ken Lee
Ken Lee
Louis was our ID and he was patient and helpful in helping us choose design elements. We are grateful for his professional input that helped to turn our space into a cosy home. Louis was always friendly, approachable and responsible. We received updates on the progress and are happy and satisfied with the works, especially with the carpentry. Thank you Louis for a smooth renovation journey!
Aaron Ng
Aaron Ng
Professional n open in pricing
Si Jia Teng
Si Jia Teng
Fanny was our id and she handled our renovation work well,whenever we had any problems she would make sure to rectify our concerns as well as do her best to ensure that our renovation work were smooth. We are both very pleased with how the work turns out. As first time home owners she also provided plenty of insights and tips for us to consider as well as good design which we would never have thought of..Timelines provided by her were met through and she will constantly provide us with plenty of video and picture updates as we were both busy with work. We are very pleased with our id,Fanny. She provided quality work and would highly recommend Fanny to our friends or anyone who will be doing their renovation work. Thank you Fanny!
Bernard Chew
Bernard Chew
ECASA was able to match my expectations, budget and completion date. Highly recommended.
Kew Wong Hin
Kew Wong Hin
Completed our home renovation with Louis Zhang. It’s a hassle-free, high-quality and well organized experience. From the beginning to the end, Louis showed his professionalism. He was patient and assisted when we changed our minds during the process. He gave us professional advice at the same time. When the renovation started, the progress was updated frequently, and each stage was completed within the time frame. Pricing is also very transparent and reasonable with no hidden markups. The follow-up after the renovation was also quick and effective. Louis is always very cooperative and helpful. It’s worth mentioning that their carpentry work is of very high quality. We are delighted to have chosen the services of Ecasa Studio, and would like to express our sincere gratitude to Louis and everyone who helped with the renovation.
Zlier L
Zlier L
I recently had the pleasure of working with Mason on an interior design project for my home, and I cannot express how thrilled I am with the results. Mason's expertise, creativity, and attention to detail have transformed my living space into a true masterpiece. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, Mason demonstrated a deep understanding of my vision and needs. What sets Mason apart is the ability to seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. Every room now feels like a harmonious, inviting haven that perfectly suits my lifestyle. Mason's choice of colors, materials, and furnishings was impeccable. The color palette used in my home is both soothing and elegant, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The selection of furniture and decor pieces perfectly complements each space, striking a balance between modern design and timeless elegance. Communication throughout the project was excellent. Mason was always available to answer questions, provide updates, and offer guidance. Their professionalism and commitment to the project's success were truly outstanding.
Fu Zeyuan
Fu Zeyuan
I had the pleasure of working with Mason as my interior designer, and the experience was nothing short of outstanding. From our initial consultation to the final reveal, Mason's expertise, creativity, and dedication to turning my vision into reality truly set him apart. Mason's ability to listen and understand my preferences was remarkable. He effortlessly combined my ideas with his own innovative concepts, ensuring that the final design exceeded my expectations. Throughout the project, his open and prompt communication kept me informed and involved every step of the way. Mason's design prowess is unparalleled. He effortlessly transformed my space into a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. His attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the design, from the choice of color palettes to the selection of furniture and decor. The final result was a living space that felt uniquely personalized yet exuded a timeless elegance. What truly impressed me about Mason was his ability to think outside the box. He introduced creative solutions that I would never have imagined, turning even the smallest corners of my space into functional and visually appealing areas. His innovative use of space-saving techniques and unique design elements showcased his exceptional creativity.


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