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Est 2017

eCasa Studio first set root in Singapore in 2017, driven by a steadfast purpose to provide owners with only the best experience in home automation.

Run your home and have it obey your command from anywhere – whether you’re at work, away on a vacation, or running errands. We’re here to integrate technology by helping you transform the way you live into your living space seamlessly without compromising on style and function.

eCasa Studio is your trusted interior design company in Singapore, specializing in HDBcondominiumcommercial, and landed property interior design. As a leading interior design company Singapore residents turn to for creative solutions, we are dedicated to transforming spaces that exceed your expectations.

Our skilled team of designers brings your dream interiors to life, whether it's residential or commercial

With a focus on HDB, condominium, commercial, and landed property projects, eCasa Studio offers comprehensive interior design services that cater to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your HDB apartment, elevate your condominium’s aesthetics, revamp your commercial space, or redefine your landed property’s charm, we have the expertise to make it happen.


Professional and Trusted Design brought to each of our clients

We Plan

We begin by understanding your vision and needs, creating detailed timelines and budget estimates to ensure a smooth workflow.

We Design

We craft bespoke interiors using 3D renderings to visualize your unique style, balancing aesthetics and functionality.

We Build

We bring your project to life with top-notch craftsmanship, managing all aspects to ensure timely and budget-friendly delivery.


Steps for New Homeowners

01. Meet & Greet
02. Visual Layout & Quotation
03. Pre-renovation Preparing
04. Renovation Works Begin
05. Your New Home is Ready

Our Renovation Works

01. Demolition

Remove unwanted structures and fixtures, clearing the space for new installations. This is essential for safety and a fresh start.

02. Masonry

Construct or repair walls, floors, and other structural elements to ensure the stability and durability of the building.

03. Plastering

Smoothen the surfaces of walls and ceilings to prepare them for painting and finishing, achieving a polished, professional look.

04. Plumbing & Electrical Wiring

Install or upgrade plumbing and electrical systems, including pipes, fixtures, and wiring, ensuring functionality and safety.

05. Partition & Ceiling Work

Define spaces and enhance aesthetics with partitions and ceilings, using drywall, false ceilings, and other structural elements.

06. Painting

Apply colors and finishes to bring life and style to the space, with professional painting for a high-quality, lasting finish.

07. Carpentry

Install cabinets, shelves, doors, and other wooden elements, adding functionality and aesthetic value with skilled craftsmanship.

08. Glass & Metal Work

Incorporate glass and metal elements, such as windows, railings, and decorative pieces, to modernize and enhance the design.

09. Cleaning

Thoroughly clean the renovated space, removing construction debris and dust, and leaving a spotless environment.

10. Ready to move in

The renovation is complete, and your dream home is now ready for you to move in and enjoy.

Ecasa did not hard sell their service and was meticulous in walking through step-by-step the renovation process for a new homeowner. Their ID was very patient in the selection and design process and was informed in the subject matter.

Sng Cheng YiClient of eCasa

At eCasa Studio, we’re here to build smart homes fashioned for the style and tech-savvy individual.

Our namesake reflects our company’s goal and purpose. Where ‘e’ refers to the electronic network and ‘casa’ means home in Spanish, the amalgamation of these two terms is synonymous with our objective to combine technology with interior design.

As first time home owners Ecasa ID (Fanny) provided plenty of insights and tips for us to consider as well as good design which we would never have thought of!

Si Jia TengClient of eCasa

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