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Tips for Choosing Trusted Interior Designers in Singapore

Whether you want a minor upgrade on your interior or a full-blown home remodelling project, getting the services of trusted interior designers in Singapore is an excellent choice. They can bring your style ideas and preferences to life, giving your space a new and stunning look.

Before personalising and elevating your sanctuary, you must hire experts from a trusted interior design company in Singapore. We created a guide to help you collaborate with the right design professionals.

Consider Your Design Preferences

What a home looks and feels like reflects its dwellers. Whether you own a condo, HDB, or BTO, you always have a personal style preference that aligns with your lifestyle and complements your space.

Make sure to consider the methods when adding your unique personal touches to your beloved
Singapore homes.

Your prospective designers will conceptualise and recommend some style inspiration to elevate your space, ensuring they can deliver satisfactory results.

Get Recommendations

It always pays to get suggestions from trusted individuals when hiring interior designers. You can ask for recommendations from your friends, families, and other connections who recently renovated and styled their homes with the help of design experts.

Ask about their experiences with the service and whether they were impressed with the results. You can also double-check the reliability and get a glimpse of the services recommended by your network by reading online reviews.

Search for online feedback for interior design firms in Singapore and discover unbiased reviews to help narrow your search.

Check Out Their Online Portfolio

The modern and digital era has made the impressive portfolios of your prospective interior design companies more accessible. You can quickly check them out online by visiting their official website and clicking on their portfolio page.

Review and assess their portfolio to determine their style and the quality of their work. This allows you to check whether their design specialty matches your preferences.

It also enables you to determine whether they have a defined style, such as a luxury interior design, or if they are more versatile, allowing them to cater to their clients’ diverse needs and requests.

Looking into their recent works also helps you assess their experience, skills, and techniques in curating different living spaces.


Our Portfolio

Make Enquiries

It is essential to contact your prospective luxury interior designers in Singapore before getting their services to ensure you’ve hired the right professionals to transform your home.

Making enquiries allows you to understand their services, expertise, and fees. It also allows you to book or get a free consultation on your desired style or other design elements you want to incorporate into your space.

You can also get more information about their specialisation and relay your design preferences to ensure their expertise aligns with your needs. It allows both parties to understand each other’s ideas and concepts and discuss other essential aspects of the service.

Request for a Quote

Never forget to ask for a quote from your chosen interior design company in Singapore. It is an essential document that helps you make informed decisions, plan your budget, and set expectations.

Asking for a comprehensive quotation allows you to learn about the estimated expenses of your interior design project, helps you determine whether your budget can cover the costs, and ensures that they align with your financial capacity.

The quote will also identify the scope of work and the timeline of the interior design package, which gives you a clear understanding of the extent of their services for your Singapore homes.

It allows you to negotiate and request service customisation to accommodate some specific
design services that aren’t included in the package.

Assess the Rate and Payment Terms

Do your homework by checking the rates of top interior designers in Singapore.

Make sure to enquire whether the indicated rate already covers the whole project or if there are any added fees for the other services included in their package.

If they offer reasonable rates and can deliver the best interior design in Singapore, you can ask for the final price and enquire about their payment terms.

Do they require an upfront payment for the whole project, or do you only need to pay a deposit and settle the rest in instalments? If it is the former, you may look for another service provider since asking for a complete payment when no work is done is a red flag.

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